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your online presence

Are you ready to pass off your content marketing to a professional?

I know that creating quality content for your platform is time consuming and draining.


For many digital business owners, one of two things happens when they try to create fresh content across their platform while working on scaling their business... the quality is lacking or the consistency is lacking.

To establish yourself as an authority and thought leader, you need to be producing high quality content, consistently... across your platform.

I know that you refuse to compromise the quality of your online presence.

Here's where I come in.

I'm taking a fresh approach to content strategy to help you with the burden of content creation so you can focus on the pieces of your business that allow you to impact others!

I call it the 10X Your Online Presence.

How it works:

You create 1 piece of content each week in audio or video format.  This can be a video training that you already have on your schedule or a solocast episode of you sharing your knowledge and perspective. 

I take that one piece and turn it into 10 high-quality pieces of content for you to use across your platform.

  • 1 Weekly Blog Post with SEO 

  • 1 Pinnable Blog Post Image

  • 1 Weekly Email with Optimized Subject Lines

  • 2 Weekly Branded Quote Cards Your Preferred Social Media Platform

  • 2 Story graphics

  • 3 Weekly Social Media Captions


I will create content that showcases your thought leadership and elevates your brand online.

Why these particular pieces of content?

  • Blog posts are great for SEO and bringing new traffic to your website via search engines. They also position you as a thought leader and establishing your credibility as a specialist in your industry.

  • Emails are the lifeline of your business. Your email list is your VIP list. They already said YES to you by opting in! Yay for the Yes!  Help them connect to your brand more deeply through your emails.

  • Sharing your quotable moments is social proof that you are a thought leader!  

  • Stories is another way to get in front of your ideal audience.

  • Captions are the stories, opinions and value that you bring to your audience.

Let's partner to 10X your online presence!

Your brand will shine with the

10X Your ONLINE Presence system.

You will save so much time because you are only responsible for creating ONE piece of content weekly. Save even more time by batching your content once per month!

Your audience will experience your true expertise with high quality content.

You will position yourself as a must-hire specialist in your industry.

Your business will grow because you will have more time to spend on creating relationships, developing products and leveraging other people's audiences because YOUR platform is taken care of!

My expertise goes beyond an hourly rate.

My service helps position your brand cohesively online.

Let's get started!

Simply select the plan that works best for your business:

10X ESSENTIAL $1500/mo

minimum 12 week contract

10 fresh pieces of content each week.

Your team manages the posting and distribution

10X ULTIMATE $1800/mo

minimum 12 week contract

10 fresh pieces of content each week.

I manage the posting and distribution

Contact me to discuss your best option.

"Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your work.


I love your posts and the verbiage...the way you convey the message and your posts actually got the attention of a big brand who reached out to collab!  Thanks for everything!!!"


Michelle Renée, Bellezza Boutique


Q: Do you offer social media management?

A: If you create content weekly and have a selection of material that I can pull from, I can offer you social media management. (details here) If you do not create your own content consistently, management is not what you need. 10X would be a more appropriate fit for your business. Please reach out to discuss.

Q: Can I customize my package?

A: The package includes the essentials for an effective content plan but if you would like to add additional social media platforms, we can add on.

Q: What social media platform do you write captions for?

A: Whichever platform you wish to grow brand recognition on. Images, caption length and hashtags are customized to work best for the platform you specify. Options include: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest.  You and your team are welcomed to repurpose the content across all your social media accounts if you wish.  You will need to modify the content accordingingly.

Q: Do you offer Instagram engagement or Pinterest management services?

A: Yes, for a limited number of clients. Request rates and availability.

Q: What happens once I pay?

A: I will contact you to schedule an in-depth strategy call. Then I will send over a questionnaire to learn more about your brand, your personality, and your platform. I will do a full brand audit on your platform prior to our call.  During our call we will also make a content calendar for our first 12 weeks we will be working together.

Q: How far in advance do you need the one piece of audio or video from me? 

A: Ideally, 10 days prior to when the content needs to be published.  At minimum, no less than 7 days. If you are not recording your content live for your audience each week, I recommend batching all 4 pieces once a month for ease on your schedule.

Q: Why do you work with clients in 12 week blocks?

A: There is always a learning curve when working with someone new. I have found that 12 weeks is a good length of time for us to get to know each other and the process of working together. Anything shorter than that won't give us a fair assessment if we are a good match to continue our work together. 

Q: What is the difference between the Essentials package and the Ultimate package?

A: In the Essentials program, your team manages the posting.  In the Ultimate package, I will manage the scheduling and posting of content for you.

Still have questions? I get it! Investing in your business is an important decision and you want to make sure you are making a wise decision. Book a 20 minute call with me and let's discuss what it will look like to create a content strategy plan for your business. Book now. 

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