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The Renegade Playbook:

Creating a Dynamic and Impactful Life with Unconventional &  Purposeful Choices

I love how REAL you are in sharing the ups and downs. Your perseverance is an inspiration, Tammy.
Jordana Lorraine

Tammy Gibson

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Tammy is a Transformational Keynote Speaker, Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Amputee Advocate. 

After being hospitalized for 4 months with A-Typical COVID-19, Tammy was discharged with her right leg amputated, nerve damage in both hands, Stage 4 kidney disease and on dialysis plus, her soleus muscle had been removed from her left calf.


Tammy uses her skills from years as an online entrepreneur and survivor of a life-altering trauma to deliver inspiration and tools for transformation to audiences who are striving to unlock their full potential.

You truly inspire so many people.
Barbara M.

Keynote Topic:

The Renegade Playbook: Creating a Dynamic and Impactful Life with Unconventional and Purposeful Choices

In a rapidly changing society immersed in social media, podcasts, and streaming services, opinions and ideals of others are constantly bombarding us. External expectations can make it difficult to formulate our own thoughts regarding what success means for us.

According to a 2023 survey by Bankrate, over a third of U.S. adults on social media say it has made them feel negatively about their finances, and 62% believe that the people they follow are exaggerating success on the ’gram.

We get it. The highlight reel is a far cry from reality, but it makes us feel like we’re falling short of some standard of success we’re supposed to create. Toss in a couple of life’s curveballs, and suddenly we’re letting adversity and others dictate the script of our lives.

Enter Tammy Gibson, a renegade who rose from the ashes. 

Tammy went from being in optimal health with a busy family life and business to unexpectedly falling seriously ill, nearly dying, losing a leg, and all of her independence for a period of time. 

In her keynote, “The Renegade Playbook: Creating a Dynamic and Impactful Life with Unconventional and Purposeful Choices,” Tammy reveals how her trauma gave her the wake up call she needed to flip the script and pursue success on her own terms.

Spoiler: It’s not the kind of success that Instagram promises

Get ready for Tammy to fire up your audience to:

  • Embrace a dynamic mindset for personal and professional expansion.

  • See challenges not as roadblocks but as stepping stones to greater achievements.

  • Contribute to the greater good like their voices and ideas matter… because they do!

  • Live like the ticking clock is their ally, not their enemy.

  • Grab the pen and become the author of their fabulous lives.

Need a keynote speaker who can deliver motivation infused with non-traditional, results-oriented methods? Tammy’s the woman for the job. She’s not just here to inspire; she’s here to challenge your audience into action, whether it’s at entrepreneur conferences, corporate gigs, or women’s events.

Get ready to rewrite the rules with Tammy leading the charge.

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