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AMPLIFY Your Message, Attract Your Dream Clients

Grow Your Business!

Calling all female coaches, consultants, specialists who crave consistency

and momentum for your business

Would you like to attract the right clients, maintain customer loyalty and improve your conversion rate by just being yourself?

Are you ready to give your brand an online voice that stands out from the noise on the world wide web?

Are you ready to have a killer content strategy to implement that attracts your dream clients?

Are you ready to tap into your inner powerhouse and deliver your genius to the world?


In order to create the authority of a go-to expert and position yourself as industry leader, you need to create high-value content that showcases your wisdom, style and personality.

No more hiding behind inspirational quotes or wondering how to best market yourself as the go-to expert.

Creating content every single day can be so tiresome, am I right?

It is time for a NEW approach.

Systemizing key marketing strategies like email marketing, social media and authority building content takes the pressure off you to create fresh content that converts day in and day out.

The right strategies, done consistently, can save you time and stress (leaving you more time to be with the people you love, doing the things you love).

It’s time to boldly share your message!

It is time to AMPLIFY.


My name is Tammy Gibson.

I am an experienced content marketer, blogger and business coach. My unique combination of skills position me to help female business owners stand out online through the use of personalized and systemized messaging that attracts attention and ignites others into action!

I’ve helped hundreds of women business owners clarify their messages and build their online presence to attract clients who are ready to pay.

With the desire to take the overwhelm out of entrepreneurship, I take pride in creating simple systems and powerful content to improve your day-to-day experience of running your business.

The AMPLIFY system will give you the clear path forward to create an unforgettable presence that is BOLD AND TRUE to who you are, helps you deliver your message in an authentic way, distinguishes you as the expert, and attracts a community of Super Fans that are eager to work with you!

Authority Marketing Position Leverage In

What we’ll cover:

Build your authority as the go-to expert in your specialty niche

Discover what marketing style best suits you and how to leverage it to maximize your exposure


Position yourself as a category of one

Cultivate relationships that you can leverage to increase your impact on your market


Learn how to influence your audience into action with gratitude and service


Uncover how to fascinate others so they are eager to work with you


Discover how simply being you is the best marketing tool there is


Remember, you aren’t selling a product or service, you’re selling your expertise.


Laura Meyer,

Business Growth Strategist

“Tammy is an amazing strategist and social media expert. She’s extremely knowledgeable in all things online entrepreneurship and is always up for going the extra mile for her clients. ⁠

I love being a client of Tammy’s and greatly appreciate all of her hard work and care in getting to know my own voice, tone, and strategic vision when creating social media content and ongoing communications for my brand. ⁠

I highly recommend her!”

robbin McManne testimonial.png

Robbin McManne,

Expert Parent Coach

"Tammy is so professional and considerate in all that she does.⁠⁠
She has wonderful ideas on how to increase traffic and sales and is always coming up with new and innovative suggestions. ⁠⁠
I know I can count on her to produce amazing content in a voice that mirrors mine and my brand. ⁠⁠
I completely trust Tammy’s work, her creativity, and ability to drive sales." 


Marni Blythe,

Business Strategist +

EOS Implementer

"Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to recommending Tammy because she is just so incredible! Since Tammy started managing my social presence, I have up-leveled so much for my brand.


As a very busy entrepreneur, I have very little time to work “on” my business and thankfully Tammy steps in and helps bridge the gap. She knows me so well and has the ability to produce content that feels just like she is in my brain. She knows my brand inside and out and represents me on all platforms with consistency.


I believe that it’s in large part due to my consistency on social media that I was recently awarded a $25k contract. I cannot recommend Tammy enough! She’s amazing!"

This 1:1 VIP Experience includes:

  • An in-depth welcome packet, for me to get to know you, so I can prepare for our VIP session

  • 2 Hour Intensive to establish your personalized plan to help you AMPLIFY Your Message, Attract Your Dream Clients + Grow Your Business

  • 60 minute follow up meeting to review your personalized AMPLIFY plan

  • Direct email access to me, so we can communicate while I prepare your AMPLIFY delivery

  • Your personalized AMPLIFY plan will be delivered within 5 business days


What you’ll recieve:

  • Customized Tools to Strengthen your Brand Position

  • Personalized Organic Marketing Plan

  • Content Calendar for 3 Months

  • A No-fluff, Customized Strategy for Growing Your Influence

  • Social Media Strategy to Attract Dream Clients

  • Resources and Strategy for Leveraging Your Expertise

  • A Personal Brand that Celebrates your Individuality

  • The strategy to have your team implement it or hire me to execute it 

AMPLIFY is for female coaches who need content strategy NOW and don't have the time to take another course or program. They want rapid results . AMPLIFY offers everything you need to elevate your content game... QUICKLY.

Investment: $2500

How do you know if this is right for you?


Your heart will tell you. Trust it.

If you need further proof, this list is who would be a good candidate for my Amplify 1:1 VIP Experience:

  • You are ready for consistency and structure in your business

  • You want to use social media efficiently and effectively to create sales

  • You know you were made for something greater

  • You have a business in place and are ready to up-level

  • You desire to spend time creating a greater impact with your message

Imagine what business would be like if your content marketing efforts converted people into clients!

If you have a passion for your business, but struggle with communicating your expertise and conveying credibility in a simple and effective way, let me come along side of you and help!

I would love to help you experience the lifestyle of your dreams by building a profitable business that supports it! Wouldn’t it be amazing to get started RIGHT NOW?


Simply invest now and let's get started!

Have questions? Fill out the form and I will get back to you!

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