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Create an Iconic Brand that Attracts a

Loyal Community of Dream Clients

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An Extraordinary Second Half

As a middle aged woman, your life is changing quickly! 


Things that may be weighing heavy on your heart:

  • changing family relationships as your kids become more independent and your parents become more dependent,

  • re-discovering who you are as a woman

  • securing financial resources to support you through the second half of life

  • ongoing changes happening to your body


Let me ask you, are you feeling excited about the possibilities or concerned about the changes?


Are you convinced that if things don't change, you’ll have to work in a soul-sucking job to supplement your insufficient social security check?


Do you wish you could just put the breaks on life and stay where you are today?


No way!  The second half of life can be extraordinary!


It’s an opportunity to experience new things, go to new places and meet new people… but yes, you do need to put some things in place now so retirement age doesn’t sneak up on you.


Having an income that supports this amazing second half lifestyle is one of those things!


Building your online business is one of the most flexible ways to create the extraordinary second-half lifestyle you desire.

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I know that you are NOT the kind of woman who is satisfied with less than the best for yourself.


I know that you believe that your business can impact many lives. I believe it, too.


I know that you are working hard to get new clients consistently.


I know that you are trying everything including social selling, producing a million pieces of content and basically living on social media, and yet, your profits are stagnant.


I know that you change your messaging, market position, visual branding and offers often in an attempt to discover what is really going to resonate with your dream clients.


I know you because I was you.


Many times over the years, I’ve made changes in my marketplace position, what I offered, how I showed up, my branding, my marketing and my energy.


The truth is, I wasn’t secure in who I was as a coach so I followed the trends, the money and the gurus instead of listening to my intuition.


My audience had no clue what I offered or what I stood for because it was always changing.


It wasn’t until I had deep self-awareness that I finally understood how I wanted to show up...


Which cleared up all of the questions about messaging, branding, marketing, offers, pricing and ultimately, my energy. 


What an incredible relief it was to finally feel so confident about my business that I actually wanted to boldly share about it.


That confidence is what finally helped me secure consistent clients (not just any clients… dream clients!).


If you can relate to what I’m sharing and are unclear about all the things, your audience will be confused, too.

A confused person doesn’t buy.



I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

The biggest difference between entrepreneurs who create healthy profits, and those who don’t, is clarity.


​It’s time to pair up with someone who can guide you to finding the clarity you need to create the business you dream of so you can ease into your retirement years confident that you’ll have the funds to live as you desire.


Over my years, I've  become super clear about my goals, dreams, and what I wanted for my business.


This clarity was a game changer for me.


The place that I needed to start making changes was in my business foundation.


I knew who I was, what I wanted to help others achieve and how I wanted to show up but I wasn’t communicating that. 


Instead, I was trying to implement what was working for others.


I was being a follower, not a leader. I didn’t initially see the harm (follow the success clues, right?) but the more frustrated I became at the lack of results, the more I began to realize I had to do my own thing.


I had to show up as me.


I began to understand that in today’s online business world, success comes from being yourself.


If you are hiding behind quotes, stock photos, or strategies that work for others but feel yucky to you, then you won’t see consistent, on-going success the way you desire.


Since discovering that the most important success tool you have is literally YOU, I have been sharing with others just like you how to highlight your best skills, bring out your brilliant personality and build a business that is a true reflection of you so you can captivate the right group of people to join your amazing community and grow your business.


In the Captivate 1:1 Coaching program, I’m sharing with you exactly how to do that so you can become an iconic brand that your dream client wants to work with over and over again… just by being yourself!



a private coaching experience to help you create an iconic brand that attracts a loyal community of dream clients


What we'll cover



Understand who you are at the core to be a highly-captivating entrepreneur



Be passionate about those you serve



Fascinate your dream client



Your core method for online visibility

The Captivate methodology will help you communicate confidently, attract your dream clients
and lead with influence!

This is the beginning of anything you want

Wondering what makes Captivate different from the other programs you've tried?


Because, this is your moment. You are ready!


  • You understand that you no longer have years to pick away at your business.

  • You understand that it’s time to really focus and make it happen because let’s get real… making money at this point in life isn’t just about lifestyle, it’s about stability and security for your future.


Sure, there are no guarantees in life. We both know that.


However, I can tell you that the only way to be heard in the online noise as someone worth investing in, is to be yourself.


In today's online business world, you aren't selling a product or service, you're selling yourself.


When you show up as your amazing, beautiful self and stop trying to fit into a mold, your dream clients will find you.


Your captivating brand is how you attract your dream clients. It’s what helps you stand out.


If you are following the formula that thousands of other entrepreneurs are following, you’ll never been seen as unique.


If you are using the exact same swipe files, caption templates and funnels as others in your industry, you’ll just blend in.


You have to show up as the confident, unique, sexy, cool midlife woman that you are, with all of your wisdom, experiences, style! 


It's time to captivate your dream clients!


When you do that, you’ll become visible.


When you become visible, others will join your community.


As people join your community, they will begin to invest in you.


It all starts with your brand.


show up differently

Here is the bottom line… brand clarity gives you confidence.


With confidence, you show up differently.


THIS is what attracts those dream clients of yours and THIS is how you are going to create that momentum you so desire for your business.


Imagine your second half of life being extraordinary!


  • Financial Freedom

  • Travel

  • A beautiful home to host family and friends

  • New adventures

  • Time for self-care

  • A business that you are passionate about


It’s ALL possible for you!


You’ve spent years tending to your family and community needs.

It’s your time to create a beautiful future for yourself.


Your online business is the vehicle to the life you dream of.


Let’s make it happen together. I’m here for you.


Starting out in a new business I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck, my messaging and branding was all over the place.


I felt defeated before I was even out of the gate.


I feel so blessed I was able to connect with Tammy, not only do we have a love for shoes, her sense of style and passion for business is evident in her work.


She felt my frustration and was calm and patient with me. Always listening and asking the correct questions, guiding me to listen to my voice and use that voice to attract the right clients for my mission.

Kristen Young / Functional Nutrition Coach / SelfHealth Coaching

I feel more confident in myself and my business since this day. I am working on things when I am working, learning to say no and yes when needed. I feel like I have a good game planned for my business.

Billie-Jo Cochran / Recipe Expert / Billie-Jo's Kitchen

About Me

As a professional fashion blogger for 13 years, I became quite intrigued with personal branding, messaging, and the power of women who show up for themselves.


Using my skills and knowledge of the online entrepreneur space, I began to help other women create visibility with a brand vibe unmatched by any other.


Heading into my second-half of life, I am passionate about using my skills to help other midlife women, just like you, show up confidently in their businesses so that they become financially independent and live an extraordinary second-half of life.

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4 Weeks $1800

Your Investment

6 Weeks $2500

payment plans available

12 Weeks $4900

Your future depends on your actions today

Look, I know that thinking about what happens after retirement can be scary.


There are so many unknowns, especially when it comes to financial security.


Can you really depend on social security and your 401K to be enough to last for the rest of your life?


It seems unlikely.


Set yourself up now for your future by creating a business that you not only feel passionate about but will help others while you are securing your future financial stability.


If you’re reading this, I know you’re ready to level up your business.


You wouldn’t have found your way to my website otherwise.


It’s not too late to create an extraordinary life.


It all begins with your creating your captivating brand vibe.


Apply today and let’s work together to create a business that provides for you on this second-half journey.

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