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VIP Experience

If growing your business has become an urgent matter because you realize you've been dabbling for far too long, I offer a VIP Experience for qualified applicants. Startups are welcome, provided you have a established platform and exhibit a strong desire to create a captivating brand.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

nothing changes if nothing changes

Ever feel like there’s more to being an entrepreneur than what you are currently experiencing?

Like you're not fully realizing your potential and making the impact your desire?

You're not alone. 

The great news is that you absolutely can create the business that you dream of and set yourself up for the future you desire.


You didn't become an entrepreneur to struggle, hustle or feel overwhelmed.

You got into it to serve, make an impact and create a lifestyle that is aligned with the person you want to be.

But somehow, here you are, struggling, hustling and feeling overwhelmed.

My question for you today is this:

Do you want to continue down this path or are you ready to make the changes necessary to create the business and life you love?

Life is short (and getting shorter by the minute)... make today the day you decide to elevate your approach to success!

Let me share a story....

Early in my business coaching career, I hired my own coach. One day,  I confided in her.

“It’s all a lie.” I said.

 “What is?” she responded.

“This whole ‘make money online selling your knowledge’ thing.”

By that time, I was in tears. I was so frustrated with the struggle of trying to find clients.

I was ready to quit.

I just wanted to get a job and end the constant struggle of trying to be my own boss because it was hard!

She understood and we talked through it.

The “lie” isn't that we can make money online "selling our knowledge" (because we can), the lie is that we believe we can make money by just following what works for others.
At that moment, I understood.

I knew I needed to change my approach.

I knew I needed to create a business that was fully aligned with my values, desired lifestyle and clients that I loved.

Everything else was busy work and not helping me create a business that supported my dreams.

I promised myself that would change.

When I finally became clear on the foundation of my business... 

  • what I wanted

  • who I wanted to serve

  • when I wanted coach

  • where I wanted to build my online platform

  • why I was passionate about the change I wanted to create


...then I began to understand how to elevate my business to the next level.

Many entrepreneurs that I work with don't need a full business makeover, they just need some adjustments to their existing online platform to elevate their visibility.

So, I created Elevate, a VIP Experience, to help them achieve results without the trial and error that comes from building a business on your own.


During Elevate, I work with you to determine what your biggest hurdle is that is keeping you from showing up online in a way that you truly desire.


We look at your existing brand and visibility plan.


We analyze what is working and what is not working to make your business visible, influential and profitable.


We evaluate the best strategies to get you where you truly want to be.


Once determined, we make a plan to improve your results.


There are so many strategies taught online, it is important to filter out the ones that are truly right for you and your business.

the elevate vip experience is based on your needs

If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed about what your next step is for your business, it’s time for us to talk!

I want you to LOVE being an entrepreneur, because it is a very special opportunity to use your gifts to serve the world and create the second-half lifestyle you dream of. 


I can help you gain clarity during our time together.

During your VIP Experience, we dive into where your biggest area of concern is.

The call is completely customized to your needs.


​You will receive clarity, next steps and a plan to implement.

My VIP clients choose to work on one of these foundational elements of their brand:

Radical Self-Awareness: Understand who you are at the core to be a highly-captivating entrepreneur

Client Obsession: Be passionate about those you serve

Captivating Brand Vibe: Fascinate your dream clients with a brand as unique as you

Spotlight-worthy Content: Develop your core method for online visibility

Heading 4

The longer you wait to elevate the way you show up online, the more time will pass!

Change is hard, I get it. 


Do you know what is harder?


Staying exactly where you are at and wishing things would change.


Don't let another day pass by without taking action to make the changes you desire.


Having a coach who has been where you are, to guide you through the process, saves you time, energy and money.


During the Elevate VIP Experience, you’ll gain clarity, actionable steps to follow and greater energy around your business brand vibe and captivate your dream clients.


Wouldn't that be fabulous?

I'm excited about my work again!

"Over the last several months, I've felt very stuck in my career. I was very lost on who exactly I'm targeting, which led me to attract the wrong types of students. Incredibly frustrating.


In one call with Tammy, she provided more insight than I've dug up in years of my own research.


She was able to pinpoint that my branding is indeed off, I'm using the wrong language, my offerings aren't clear, and this is leading to slow growth.


Aside from giving me actionable steps to follow to make this better, there was a HUGE mental relief.


After my call with Tammy, I felt excited about work again. I knew what I needed to do, and I was excited to do it."

Megan Grant, 6-Figure Agency Owner


about me

As a professional fashion blogger for 13 years, I became quite intrigued with personal branding, messaging, and the power of women who show up for themselves.


Using my skills and knowledge of the online entrepreneur space, I began to help other women create visibility with a brand vibe unmatched by any other.


Heading into my second-half of life, I am passionate about using my skills to help other women, just like you, show up confidently in their businesses so that they can create a life they love that will be their legacy.

a virtual vip experience

This a virtual VIP Experience is 3 hours and is conducted over Zoom.

In addition, you will have two 30 minute follow up calls.


Please be sure you have strong WIFI, as well as a working camera and microphone on your computer.  


Create a distraction free zone during our appointment.


This work requires focus.

clarity + confidence + an action plan

If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed about what your next step is for your business, it’s time for us to talk!


​I want you to LOVE being an entrepreneur, because it is a very special opportunity to use your gifts to serve the world, create the lifestyle you dream of and establish financial security for your future.


I will help you gain clarity, confidence and an action plan so you can stop stalling your business growth with the following bad habits:


  • Changing your message every few weeks


  • Not standing for or against anything


  • Changing your brand colors and fonts several times a year


  • Inconsistent content marketing 


  • Too many offers with unclear transformations


  • Lack of confidence in your message or market position.


The biggest difference between entrepreneurs who create healthy profits, and those who don’t, is clarity.


I want you to have the clarity you need to create a future you love. Let’s get started!

trust that your time is now!

Apply today and let’s discuss elevating your brand’s visibility.


Your investment is $1200. 


Payment plans available.

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