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Thanks for requesting Grace Under Pressure: A Professional Woman's Guide to Building Resilience in Business and Life.

In this exclusive guide, you'll discover the secrets to:

Developing a Growth Mindset: Transform obstacles into opportunities and propel your career to new heights. Learn how to shift your perspective and view challenges as the stepping stones to your greatest achievements.

Effective Stress Management Techniques: At your desk, quickly and discreetly manage stress with techniques designed to bring immediate calm and focus. From progressive muscle relaxation to visualization and chair yoga, master the art of staying serene and productive.

Building a Robust Support Network: Surround yourself with a network that lifts you higher. Learn the strategies to connect with influential mentors, join thriving professional communities, and foster relationships that provide unwavering support and inspiration.

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About Me

Speaker - Entrepreneur - Amputee Advocate


I am igniting audiences with a fresh, results-driven approach!

In the aftermath of my life-altering trauma, the urgency of life fuels my drive to push boundaries, challenge norms, and make a lasting contribution to my family and community.

I am seen as a beacon of inspiration for those who dare to dream beyond the ordinary.

I am not here with clichéd life lessons; I am throwing down a challenge:

Don't wait another moment to unlock the greatness within you!

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