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Sixteen Ways to Market Your Business OFF of Social Media

Marketing online involves so much more than social media. Explore your options now.

Sixteen Ways to Market Your Business OFF of Social Media | Tammy Gibson, Business Coach
Sixteen Ways to Market Your Business OFF of Social Media

It's easy to get stuck thinking social media is the only way to market online. Don’t get me wrong, social media is effective, and it is important to have a presence on it.

In fact, recently, I was talking to a client who shared that she feels she got a new client BECAUSE of the consistency we created for her on social media.

"I believe that it’s in large part due to my consistency on social media that I was recently awarded a $25k contract. I cannot recommend Tammy enough! She’s amazing! Marni Blythe, Full Pocket Coaching"

It helped her be VISIBLE. #win

But, there are many other ways to market your business. You don't have to rely on social media exclusively and THAT is what I want to talk about today!

Marketing OFF Social Media

Good news! There are many ways you can market your business off of social media:

1. Website, your online hub. Keep your website up-to-date with new content, fresh messaging and current testimonials. The use of text and the intentional application of SEO works to your advantage. With carefully selected keywords, your dream client can find you when looking on search engines.

2. Blog. Hosted on your website, your blog is the leading component to your SEO strategy. Your blog may have video and audio but always, always use text in addition to those medias so search engines can share your content (they can only read text). Use key words and titles that you dream client is searching for.

3. Pinterest is more of search engine than social media platform. Create multiple pins for each blog post, landing page and service page for optimal exposure. Also curate content that your dream client will find helpful. Your Pinterest strategy shouldn't include just your content.

4. YouTube, again a search engine. Use those quality tags and titles! Take advantage of the description section and make your video searchable.

5. Podcast. The same is true for your podcast. Use quality keywords in the show notes that your dream client may be searching for.

6. Leverage other people’s audiences

  • Collaborate to create a digital offer together

  • Offer your product as a bonus to their program

  • Offer to do a training for their coaching program/mastermind.

  • Guest post/podcast

7. Write thoughtful reviews and testimonials on programs you've taken, books you've read, or coaches you've worked with. These get shared on other people’s websites and social media!

8. Lead trainings for other businesses and groups via Zoom or social media platforms.

9. Speak at mom’s groups, church groups, local business groups, etc. Find where your dream client socializes locally and join them (many are still meeting online)! Some of the most influential online coaches I know are very integrated in their local community.

10. Collaborate in person. Host an event with another business who has the same target market as you do (but are not a competitor). Think about who has a similar target audience. Host a workshop, shopping day, or other fun event that brings together your audiences in an equally beneficial way.

11. Email list. This is your number one place to market to your warm audience. Grow and nurture your list!

12. Mail a gift to your client list. Stay top of mind with past and current clients. You never know when they will want to work with you again or refer you to others.

13. Mail letters or small gifts to businesses you want to work with to catch their attention. People still love to receive mail and it makes an impact in a way that an email can't.

14. Show gratitude to those in your circle of influence. This is one of the best forms of marketing! People love to refer people that make them feel special.

15. Word-of-mouth marketing comes from TOP-LEVEL service. When you bless others, they bless you!

16. HARO- Help a Reporter Out. HARO connects journalists and bloggers with relevant expert sources (you!). This is a great service that allows you to get quoted in articles.

There are more options beyond this list but this is a pretty great start! You don't have to do them all. Pick a few that align with the way you want to run your business and get started!

Remember, social media just a tool... it's not the only way to grow your business.

Learn about opportunities to work with me as I come along side of you and help you show up and confidently communicate your message online.

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