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Are you a fierce, faith-powered professional woman ready to advance your career and radiate your personal brand?


Do you have bold ambitions and the passion to turn them into reality? Are you prepared to invest in a transformative journey that promises significant personal and professional growth?

Welcome to Unshakeable, a luxurious program experience designed exclusively for you.

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This is more than a professional advancement course –
it’s a lifestyle transformation 

Resilience is the secret weapon of the elite.


It’s the ability to navigate adversity, bounce back from setbacks, and emerge victorious.


For the career-driven woman, resilience is essential.


Whether you're scaling the corporate ladder, building your empire, or positioning yourself as a thought leader, resilience equips you to conquer challenges and thrive.

My question for you today is this:

Are you ready to transform your life and career?

Life is short (and getting shorter by the minute)... make today the day you decide to become unshakeable in your approach to success!

Let me share a quick story of my return to the online space after I spent over 2 years recovering from A-Typical Covid and limb loss.

Because of my experience, I found the need to do some deep soul searching. I needed to rethink what success was for me and how I wanted to achieve it.

Through the process, I became a new version of myself, determined, resilient and passionate about encouraging women to keep growing and believing in their unshakeable worth.

Every woman possesses inherent value and potential but struggles in life and career can cause even the most ambitious and confident women to forget.

In this 6-week course, I aim to help you harness your intrinsic strengths, fostering resilience, confidence, and authentic self-expression.


Together, we'll conquer chronic stress, silence negative self-talk, balance your personal and professional life, and build a strong support network.


By the end of this journey, you'll feel empowered, focused, and ready to break through any professional plateau to achieve the success you desire.


When women thrive, success follows!

This program is meticulously designed to arm you with the tools, strategies, and support needed to cultivate and sustain resilience.


This is more than a course – it’s a lifestyle transformation.


Here's what you'll gain:

Unveil Your Inner Strength

Begin with a personalized resilience assessment that highlights your unique strengths and areas ripe for enhancement, providing a tailored roadmap for your journey.


Cultivate a Growth-Oriented Mindset

Embrace the transformative power of positive thinking and cognitive restructuring, enabling you to reframe challenges as opportunities for growth and development.

Master Emotional Balance

Gain unparalleled emotional awareness and regulation skills, coupled with sophisticated stress management techniques to maintain equilibrium in any situation.

Elevate Physical Well-being

Integrate a holistic approach to wellness, understanding the vital interplay between nutrition, exercise, and sleep, and mastering relaxation techniques to bolster your mental and physical resilience.

Strengthen Social Bonds

Build a robust support network and refine your communication skills, ensuring you can navigate and nurture relationships with ease and sophistication.

Two Models

there's more...

Develop a bespoke resilience plan tailored to your lifestyle, equipped with actionable strategies to maintain and enhance your resilience long after the program concludes.​


Indulge in the sophistication of a program designed not just to teach resilience, but to embed it deeply within your daily life, elevating your ability to face challenges with poise and resilience.


Join us to transform your life with confidence, strength, and unparalleled elegance.

why choose Unshakeable?

I celebrate the extraordinary in the women I serve.


This program is designed with you in mind, offering personalized support and expert guidance to help you soar. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Faith-Powered Luxury: We integrate faith and spirituality into a holistic approach to resilience and development.

  • Tailored Excellence: Receive pre-recorded coaching sessions to meet your needs and goals.

  • Interactive Elegance: Participate in dynamic, engaging trainings that offer practical strategies and immediate personal feedback.

  • Elite Community: Join a network of ambitious women who share your drive for success.

  • Exclusive Resources: Access a treasure trove of resources to support your journey.

I'm excited about my work again!

"Over the last several months, I've felt very stuck in my career. I was very lost on who exactly I'm targeting, which led me to attract the wrong types of students. Incredibly frustrating.


In one call with Tammy, she provided more insight than I've dug up in years of my own research.


She was able to pinpoint that my branding is indeed off, I'm using the wrong language, my offerings aren't clear, and this is leading to slow growth.


Aside from giving me actionable steps to follow to make this better, there was a HUGE mental relief.


After my call with Tammy, I felt excited about work again. I knew what I needed to do, and I was excited to do it."

Megan Grant, 6-Figure Agency Owner


about me

As a professional fashion blogger for 13 years, I became quite intrigued with personal branding, messaging, and the power of women who show up for themselves.


Using my skills and knowledge of the online entrepreneur space, I began to help other women create visibility with a brand vibe unmatched by any other.


After nearly losing my leg and nearly my life, I became even more passionate about using my skills to help other women, just like you, show up confidently in their careers and businesses so that they can create a life they love that will be their legacy.

My mission: to help you build a foundation of unshakeable worth.

a virtual, self-paced experience

Are you ready to make your boldest career moves? Do you want to build resilience, enhance your personal brand, and achieve your wildest career dreams?

join Unshakeable today!

This 6-Week Digital Resilience Program is your passport to transformation. Invest in yourself and unlock your limitless potential.

Enroll Now and start your journey towards becoming the resilient, confident, and successful woman you are destined to be. Together, we will empower and elevate your path to greatness.

Here's what we'll receive with Unshakeable:

  • Bi-Monthly Live Sessions: Engage in dynamic, interactive calls with real-time Q&A dedicated to your success.

  • Comprehensive Workbooks and Worksheets: Utilize an array of practical exercises designed to reinforce each module's teachings.

  • Elite Peer Support Group: Connect with a private, like-minded community for continuous support and accountability. You'll have ongoing access.

  • Personalized Feedback: Benefit from regular, individualized feedback, ensuring you stay on track and maximize your progress.

  • Extensive Resource Library: Access an exclusive collection of supplementary reading materials, videos, and resilience-building tools, curated to enhance your learning experience.

trust that your time is now!

Join today and let’s equip you with the skills and confidence needed to excel in your careers and personal lives.

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